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Host The Name is Scam - This is all about the web hosting company "Host The name". I am writing this because i have gone through this experience personally. I am running a network of wordpress blogs and changed my web hosting company to host the name. After some months i found following technical problems:

1) Server Down multiple times in a day

2) Websites running very slowly.

3) Maintenance without any prior notification

I consulted with the company through email correspondence and ask that why this is happening to my website because this is purely a web hosting issue.

They replied that everything is OKAY from our side. Then i again rebuild my wordpress blogs and after that i found same issues again. Then i again contacted with them and highlighted all these issues and also asked them to resolve this issue other wise refund my amount as per terms and conditions.

They agreed to refund my amount but i am still waiting for my refund amount since last two months after the confirmation from Host the name.

Now, i'm asking you all internet users that is this correct and is this also happening with you?

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I'm done with them too.I joined 3 years ago, as I wanted to support a fellow Warrior Forum member, but now it's nightmare.

Same ***.

The IP blacklisting is a disaster for my reseller account.

My offline clients are having their contact form emails getting kicked back, so now I look like the ***.Bye-bye Host The Name.....

i guess it's true that you get what you pay for


Your right about them, they are awful!

Even my account is still paid for more than a year, I´m leaving them right now and may my account go to *** or anywhere.

Can´t bear their lousy service anymore: downtime of 12 hours up to some days per month, their uptime warranty of 99,99% must be a joke. And when their servers IP gets blacklisted your in a big mess: you can´t send any e-mails anymore and they need days to fix, This time I´m waiting for a week now and until now nada, nothing.

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I have the same issues with them, thank godness it´s close to expire, and I wont renew the account, never had a such awful webhosting account.

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